Co-produced by RIS News and Retail Leader, the Value Chain Tech event is the first of its kind, designed to bring a community of stakeholders together to discuss how to achieve circular collaboration and grow better - and stronger - together.

Gaining a more complete understanding of the value chain is essential for retailers to pinpoint areas where they can reduce costs, streamline their operations, and work with more cross functional, sustainable networks. Traditionally, retail systems moved in a singular direction: forward. Now more than ever, we must recognize the importance of establishing a fluent ecosystem of value, one in which manufacturers, distributors, internal business units, shoppers, and individuals contribute to and influence outcomes. This three-day event showcases best-in-class ideas and inspiring stories from leaders in the space, featuring panel discussions, inspiring keynote speakers, and opportunities to network with your peers.

A robust tech stack is the nerve center of the value chain. From AI to automation, to last mile and delivery systems, to data-drive marketing efforts, and beyond, tech investments are key to unleashing success, and will remain at the heart of discussions throughout this collaborative three-day event. Value Chain Tech is the space to sketch out the possibilities and lay out a roadmap for putting purpose back into our processes every step of the way.

This event is structured around the four pillars: AGILITY. COLLABORATION. RESILIENCE. SUSTAINABILITY.

The ability to remain agile allows retailers to stay competitive and responsive to market volatility. 

Topics up for discussion include:

  • Game-changing tech advances to transform real-time visibility
  • Supply chain planning: thriving in uncertainty
  • Securing flexible logistics capacity to deliver more efficiency

Retail is a tenacious business, but there's always room for greater resilience. Level-up responsiveness to adversity and thrive in a constantly changing environment.

Topics up for discussion include:

  • How the power of AI is enabling the next stage of optimization and automation in supply chain and logistics operations
  • Inventory fluctuations: responding to viral social media and operating in a socially connected world
  • Supply chain digitization: new modeling and resilience

Sustainability cannot exist without circularity and connectedness. Set the stage for a more sustainable future through tech-enabled value chain processes.

Topics up for discussion include:

  • How to cut transportation costs and optimize logistics using data & AI
  • Biggest sustainability failures - and how better value chain investment could have prevented them
  • The path to zero - enabling a more sustainable supply chain


It takes two sides to fuel a conversation, and retailers today must communicate collaboratively to keep the ecosystem in motion.

Topics up for discussion include:

  • Maximizing end-to-end data collaboration across your enterprise
  • Open data: the democratization of analytics
  • Collaborate to innovate: collective creativity for a disrupted world


Would you or someone you know like to be featured at the 2024 Value Chain Tech event?
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